Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BJJ: Father-Son Bonding

father son bjjAt my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym there are two fathers who bring their son(s) to class with them. I am really touched by the fact that they are able to share the great sport of Jiu Jitsu with their kids. Both of these fathers have great relationships with their sons, and the sons seem to really look up to them.

 I am jealous of the fact that these kids got the opportunity to get involved in BJJ so early. It will help them learn to be disciplined and help them remain calm under pressure. These kids are well on their way to becoming a man and are leaps and bounds ahead of their pears who are wasting all their time on facebook. Instead they are learning how to defend themselves and getting exercise. In an age where one in three children are overweight or obese, it is important to make sure kids are involved in sports. If you can participate with them and set a good example for them at the same time, even better. When I have children I will follow in these dads' example and take my kids to BJJ class and compete in tournaments.

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  1. I feel so blessed to be able to share bjj with my husband, daughter and son. My son, who started at the age of 5, is a very gentle natured boy and has always known to keep it on the mat. However, one day at a scout meeting one of the other boys began pushing him around and quickly became surprised by the way my son was able to counteract and defend himself. Glad that he has the confidence and ability to protect himself if needed. (Jen) By the way, great blog - very interesting and informative posts.

    1. What a great story, thanks for sharing it. I am glad that there are so many people who have had very positive experiences with BJJ.