Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Using BJJ in Real Life

I have had to use BJJ 3 times in real life. It saved me from people causing problem while also preventing me from seriously injuring other people as I would have if the situation had resulted in a fist fight.

rear naked chokeThe first time I was in my own house and one of my room mates was extremely drunk. We were in the basement and my drunk roommate out of nowhere attacked my friend who was visiting. He was ferociously punching my friend so I came up behind my roommate and did a rear naked choke. Within 5 second my friend was nearly passed out and stopped attacking my friend. I let up on the choke and asked him if he would chill out. He said we would stop so I let him go. To this day I have no idea why he attacked my friend.

The second time I used my jiu jitsu was when a rugby alumni tried to knock over my refrigerator. He was pushing pretty hard so I grabbed him and tried to pull him away. He continued to try to push over my fridge so I put him in a rear naked choke. One of the other rugby alumni tried to choke me to force to stop me to stop choking his buddy but he had no idea about jiu jitsu so it did nothing to me. The alumni pushing over the fridge was forced to give up before I did because he could not breath and no blood was going to his brain. After I let go he told me that I was the first JHU rugby player to stop him from knocking over the fridge.

The last time I used my BJJ skills in a real situation was when the rugby team got in a fight with a campus frat. Five other rugby players and I got in a fight with 15 frat brothers in their house. It was a draw, which I look at as a victory given that we were out numbered. Same as before I used rear naked choke to take combatants out.

I think the moral of my stories is that the rear naked choke is extremely effective against people who don't know how to defend it. I was able to use it 3 times to stop agressive, drunken college students without injuring anyone. I didn't even need to put my hooks in, I was just standing in all of these situations. Only a few people know Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so those of us who know it have a huge advantage in street fights against those who don't know it.

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