Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Flow Jiu Jitsu

Today I will take some time to discuss the jiu jitsu gym I train at. Flow Jiu Jitsu is run by Ken Primola who was a D1 wrestler and letterman in college. He later found jiu jitsu in 1999 and eventually opened his own gym approximately 4 years ago.

I really enjoy training a flow jiu jitsu for many reasons. Ken's classes are no nonsense. We don't waste valuable time warming up and doing fitness exercises during class. We start, Ken teaches, Ken gives a chance to ask questions, we roll then we leave. I have all the time in the world to get in physical shape during the rest of the week. I don't want waste any of the hour long class doing something I can do on my own. Why should we waste time warming up and stretching during class when we should have shown up early and done this on our own. Ken always sticks around after class and will answer questions or let the students get more rolling time in.

Flow jiu jitsu has a great group of students with a wide diversity. There are small guys, big guys, new guys, and experienced guys. I feel as though I have the perfect mix of students for my development. Some guys are way better than me that teach me new moves and techniques and gives me great practice defending myself from attacks. Other guys are smaller and newer than me which gives me the opportunity to work on attacking and doing more complicated submission attempts that I can't get on bigger, more experienced students. Not only is Flow Jiu Jitsu a great learning environment, but the people are extremely friendly as well. If you live in Delaware in the Wilmington area, I highly recommend stopping by and giving Flow a try.

Also, check out Ken's website. He has some great DVDs and gear for sale.

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