Saturday, March 10, 2012

Training: Gi vs No-Gi

Whether to training Gi or No-Gi is an age old debate, both having advantages and disadvantages.

Training in a gi is the traditional way of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is a significantly more technical way of training because it is slower and has a much larger number of moves that are available. It is often recommended that newer students train gi first so they can focus on technique first. Grappling in a gi is also safer because it covers your entire body which helps to prevent spreading infections.The arguments for no-gi is that you don't rely on gi grips. Since it is harder to hold onto an opponent it is much faster pace and forces students to develop quick reflexes. Many people also choose to study no-gi submission grappling because they are interested in MMA and fighters do not wear gis. No-gi proponent make the argument that no-gi is more realistic for self defense because people do not wear a gi on the street. Gi proponents make the argument that everyone wears clothing which can be used similarly to a gi.

I think it is important to spend time training in both a gi and no-gi, but personally I find rolling in a gi more enjoyable. I like having more options and I think the gi techniques are more interesting than no-gi. In the end, you should train the way you enjoy and for me that means spending most of my time training in a gi.

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